Welcome to Shreenath Metchem Pvt. Ltd.

Shreenath Metchem Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated in 1980. The company is engaged in manufacturing of 'Calcined Lime / Quick Lime / Burnt Lime / Unslaked Lime / Calcium Oxide, Hydrated Lime / Slaked Lime / Calcium Hydroxide, Lime Stone / Calcium Carbonate and mines operating segment . It has one of the largest facilities at Nagaur in the state of Rajasthan where high quality limestone is available in plenty in near by area. The plant is located about 100 km from the Jodhpur (Raj.)

The facilities are well planned in order to give the quality of working conditions. The plant is surrounded by well-maintained rural area. The company has facilities of International quality standards. The company has expanded the production facilities by way of expansion and acquisition of units over the years. The present installed production capacity is 120,000 TPA. It has planned to add a capacity of further 120,000 TPA.

Shreenath Metchem Pvt. Ltd. is committed to a Quality Lime product that will meet or exceed customer expectations. Because of this Commitment to Quality we are able to deliver a reliable and consistent Lime product at a fair price. Consistency builds customer satisfaction. Sustained customer satisfaction leads to long term relationships.