Steel Industry:
Lime is used in the process of converting iron ore into pig iron. Lime is also used as a fluxing agent in Electric Arc Furnaces & Basic Oxygen Furnaces to bind impurities from the steel being manufactured & to maintain the refractory life of the furnaces.


Flue Gas Desulphurization:
Lime is used to reduce S02 emissions & "other acid gases". In this application, lime is essential to environmental protection. 

Paper Industry:
Lime is used as filler & bleaching agent in paper production. Several production processes utilize lime including the production of pulp as flocculating agent to neutralize & clarify residual water & as bleaching agent

Chemical Industry:
Lime has numerous applications in the chemical industry thanks to its natural properties & competitive price. It�s used in the production of chemicals such as calcium carbide, propylene oxide, sodium carbonate & glycerin as well as being a reagent in the production of calcium-based compounds & in processes where pH modification is necessary.
Most of the process water in the chemical industry requires treatment with lime to correct its pH & mineral content. Acidic waste waters can also be treated with lime before being recycled or released into the sewage system. 

Paint Industry: 
Widely used in the manufacture of cement paint. It is also used as a filler.

Road Construction Industry:
Lime provides highly cost effective & time saving benefits in the soil stabilization process in road construction. These benefits include plasticity reduction, quick drying times, swell reduction, improved stability, & compaction. Lime is also a highly efficient & cost effective additive in asphalt mixtures. Lime enables reduced rutting, slower age rate, reduced cracking, & excellent anti-stripping qualities. 

Plastic Industry:
Lime Use in Plastic Industry as a Filler and Moisture absorbent.  

Water & Waste Treatment:
Lime is widely used in the treatment of drinking water. These uses include the adjustment of the pH of water that is too acidic, adding minerals back into water that is too soft to combat corrosion in water conduits, & to soften water that is too hard. Lime is also essential in the treatment of municipal & industrial wastewater. Uses include: 

  • Adjustment of the pH of water that is too acidic; 

  • The removal of colloidal matter from wastewater via lime as a coagulant & flocculation agent; 

  • Raising the pH of waste water to a level where dissolved metals are rendered insoluble & precipitate in the form of metal hydroxide; 

  • Precipitating phosphates, sulphates & fluorides in the form of insoluble calcium salts that can be recovered; 

Stabilizing & de-watering waste sludge, making it suitable for use as fertilizers, or safe for landfill disposal. 


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