�ENERGETIC ADDITIVE� A branded name & innovative solution for Polymer manufacturing industries

SHREENATH METCHEM PVT LTD (SMPL), a renowned name acknowledged as optimum in the field of Minerals Mining and Manufacturing Superfine Quality Lime, is a trusted name since the year of its inception (1980). Having extensive experience and with aggressive research SMPL achieved heights in developing a unique product namely �ENERGETIC ADDITIVE�, a superfine quality additive, being used in manufacturing of reprocessed plastic.SMPL is serving to a number of Industries scattered all over the country, who are in the field of processing plastic products, by way of providing the superfine & most qualitative additive to their entire satisfaction. As a leader in quality and innovation, SMPL is committed to distancing itself from its competitors by supplying the high quality product at competitive prices without compromising on quality of materials and workmanship. For the Customer, our benefit is apparent. Quite simply SMPL products perform better because they are made better. We are known for providing maximum customer satisfaction. Our ability to deliver the most qualitative products within reasonable prices has helped us always to catch attention of our clients. We cater to several industries like Plastic industry, Pipe industry and provide customized options to our clients. Our ultimate goal is to win the trust of our customers providing quality, competitive rates and on time delivery of products.

What does �ENERGETIC ADDITIVE� Add to Plastics?
In the era of modern life importance of plastic has been considerably increased whether it is in shape of furniture or Mobile Phone or Car etc. To decrease cost of plastic and save environment, reprocessing of used plastic has been started. Repeated reprocessing of plastic increases the hardness of plastic i.e. deterioration of quality. Additive is essential to improve quality of reprocessed plastic. In normal language, people are thinking �Additive� means �adding two particles together� and adding Master batches / Satiric Acid quoted filler etc, which are only partially beneficial to improve quality of reprocessed plastic. But in fact, real meaning of �Additive� is as under:

  1. Increase flowing capacity & faster process.
  2. Increase shining & smoothness.
  3. Increase forming capacity.
  4. Increase strength & cleanses of plastic structure
  5. Increase heat and remove moisture
  6. Increase weight of product & save money.
  7. Increase life of plastic.
How �ENERGETIC ADDITIVE� cover all the above benefits:
  • Forming capacity of plastic is decreased evaporating gas by over-heat due to repeated reprocessing, which solve adding �ENERGETIC ADDITIVE
  • Help to prevent deterioration of plastic materials where part of the material might be susceptible to microbiological attack.
  • Help to prevent "oxidation", the polymer reacting with oxygen. Oxidation can cause loss of impact strength, elongation, surface cracks and discolouration. Antioxidants help prevent thermal oxidation reactions when plastics are processed at high temperatures.
  • Help to prevent the build up of static electric charge. Plastics are generally insulating and so have the capacity to build up static charges on the surface which greatly disturb processing procedures and can be an issue for hygiene and aesthetics.
  • Make plastics softer and more flexible and to enhance the degradability of the product.
  • Prevent damage to plastics or the mould during processing.
  • Prevent decomposition of the polymer during processing.
  • Improve strength and lower the cost of the material. Usually mineral-based, fillers/extenders literally increase the overall "bulk" of the plastic.
  • Make Plastics easier to process, look good, safe and sound, clean and healthy and work longer.
  • Make plastics softer and more flexible. Reinforce or improve tensile strength, flexural strength and stiffness of the material.
  • Enables plastic products to absorb shocks and resist impact without cracking.
  • Because of superfine mesh, avoid frequent choking of extruder sieve, which directly saves time and increase the production.
  • Due to extra calcium in �Energetic Additive�, high heat is generated when comes in contact with the moisture. This increases the temperature of the mixture and reduces the electricity consumption.
  • Gives good finishing, shining and luster to the final product.
  • Finishes all pin holes and bubbles and result good strength.
  • It does not make any damage to machines as also respect the environment.
Can be used in various grades of plastic products:
  • Plastic Pipe
  • Plastic Tarpaulins
  • Plastic Drums & Tanks
  • Plastic Ropes & Casting Strips
  • Plastic Granules
  • Plastic Master Batches
  • Plastic Household items
  • Plastic Films & Carry Bags.
�ENERGETIC ADDITIVE� is a superfine & qualitative product being developed, manufactured and marketed by SMPL having extensive experience and with aggressive research for the last more than 30 years, which is a fully trusted product as a panacea for solving all types of problems being faced by polymer manufacturing Industries.




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