Research & Developments

Shreenath Metchem  is the leading quality supplier of lime in India, however, it is not our only strength. The quality of our products meets or exceeds the exact chemical and physical standards that are applied to the production of lime. This has resulted in Shreenath Metchem  being recognized as an industry leader. These dual attributes, volume and quality, enabling us to serve multiple markets with a variety of environmental and industrial applications.

Shreenath Metchem gives Quality preferences to every industry:
For Steel Industries we make low sulphur quick lime & 0-3mm size material for sinter plant.
For Pharma Industries we are manufacturing Hydrated Lime 92% to 96%
For Paint Industries we are manufacturing absolute smooth finish & making up to 500 Mesh lime.
For Paper Industries we are producing high calcium lime with snow white colour & good slaking property.
For Sugar Industries we are producing lime with low Silica.
For Plastic Industries we are manufacturing 500 Mesh size lime to be used as filler.






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